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Friday, May 18, 2012

"Watchman #1" Variant Covers by Michael Golden and Jim Lee

As "Before Watchman" continues its road to release this July, DC Comics has slowly released new details for the series, which most recently two new variant covers. The two newly revealed variants for Darwyn Cooke's "Minutemen" #1 are by Michael Golden, featuring the entire team roster, and by Jim Lee and Scott Williams featuring Hooded Justice in the criminal line-up series of variants running throughout all the "Before Watchmen" books.

“The idea was to do one character per cover, and it’s a police line-up so they’re all against the height chart,” Lee said of his variant cover at WonderCon 2012 “They’re vigilantes in a lot of respect to it made sense to do the line up.”

Michael Golden says of his cover, "I wanted to do a cover of the whole group, that showed something about the personalities of each character." 

Check out the variant covers below and stay tuned to CBR News for more on "Before Watchmen."

Above, finished cover by Michael Golden, inked version by Michael Golden. Variant cover by Jim Lee. 

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