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Monday, September 7, 2020

Christpher Rokku Coates--Anime Artist Available for Commissions!

Have you ever wanted to have a piece of art of your favorite anime character? Or, have you ever wanted to be portrayed AS your favorite anime character? Now is the time folks, the amazing artist, Christ Coates is now taking commissions. We recently had him on happyspacepopcon.com doing a live commission of voice actors Megan Hollingshead and Quinton Flynn AS their characters Nurs Joy and Kon. It was so great! You can still view the panel on happyspacepopcon.com along with many of our other great pre-recorded panels. BUT, back to biz-- about those sketches. Chris can do an 11x17 piece pencils and inks for $200, add color and it's only $250 total. If you want an 8x11 portrait, those are only $90 or $140 with color. Shipping is an extra $20 within the US. If you have another idea in mind, just contact Renee at: evaink@aol.com We'll be happy to give you a quote. Oh and for voice actors out there, why not have Chris do some pieces for your table!? Contact me for details.