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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

" Uncoffined" Sketchbook from Eva Ink--Available for Ordering!

New York, NY-- We are pleased to announce that Eva Ink Publishing is soliciting our first in a series of James O'Barr sketchbooks to coincide with his convention appearances with Eva Ink.

This first in a series book will feature never before published James O'Barr sketches in a striking black and white format. 36 pages. The title "Uncoffined" conjures the fact that these sketches are being shared from James's personal collection, in published format, for the first time.

The book will be available in the next Diamond Catalogue in the Eva Ink (aka Little Eva Ink) section, and will be offered in both a Signed and a Sketch version.

About James O'Barr:

James OBarr was born in a trailer in Detroit just in time to see
Marilyn Monroe and John Kennedy die,but claims no responsibility for
either. He spent his first seven years in an orphanage and foster care
and as such had poor communication skills. 

When he was adopted he brought along his crayons
and has been using them ever since. 

While stationed in Berlin, in the late 70's he created The Crow as an attempt to deal
with the death of his fiance at the hands of a drunk driver. It took
nearly ten years to finish and no publisher was interested in it("too
gloomy,too confusing..")until,on a whim, Caliber published the first
issue in 1989.

It is currently the best selling independent graphic
novel of all time at over 3/4 of a million copies sold,though he is
not rich by any means.

In 1993 his book was adapted into the cult film of the same name
starring Brandon Lee. He would like you to know that nearly all of the
money made from the film was donated to children's charities and he
had nothing to do with the subsequent 3 sequels or TV show(though he
does like Mark DaCascos)and scoffs at the current plans to remake the
first film. Pshawwww,he says.

He has worked for every major publisher,with the exception of DC
who is apparently afraid of what he would do with Batman.
In Italy,1995, he won the Academy Award of comics,the Yellow Kid
award for best storyteller.

He  paints draws and writes every day.

About Eva Ink Publishing:

Eva Ink Publishing is an exclusive press, printing limited 
edition sketchbooks on name artists.
As well as publishing books on artists signed under 
the Eva Ink Artist Group banner, Eva Ink
Publishing also packages books for other creators and companies. 
We specialize in sketch and
signed editions. (www.evainkartistgroup.com)

Be sure to place your orders now for "James O'Barr: Uncoffined" with your local comic shop, and/or contact Eva Ink at: evaink@aol.com to inquire about convention bookings or book purchasing.