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Monday, February 28, 2011

More Wizard World Miami

More photos from Wizard World Miami. Sunday brought Michael Golden's class in Storytelling. Always a hit! Our plans are to take a longer version of the class on the road. So.... FYI.... if you work at a university or college, get in touch with me! Michael's tips on storytelling apply to not only sequential art, but to any type of creative medium involving characters and story structure.

Sunday was also full of interviews for both Michael and myself. I always find it rewarding when someone comes up and asks me questions about a book I edited 15 years ago. In this instance, "ExoSquad" for Topps. We forget sometimes... it may be just a job for us--- albeit, one we enjoy-- but what we do does stay with people for years sometimes. And to me, that's a really neat thing and one reason I love publishing so much.

I also happened to have some of Michael's original covers from the "ExoSquad" series for sale at the show, so that helped with the interview as well. :-) Meant to be

Love too, this photo of Bill Sienkiewcz, Michael Golden and Mark Texeira. The photog wanted this particular photo since all three of these guys worked on "Transformers" at one time. I didn't even know that. :-)

In short, great show. Now time for a little R&R, and fishing for Snakeheads! More on that to come!


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