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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Livin' in a Winter Wonderland-- 2011

While I was in Costa Rica, it seems I was missing some massive downfall back home-- as you can note from these photos of my house-- in some ways I was sad to be missing the Winter Wonderland...

I never grew up with snow in Texas you see. Oh... maybe once every five years it would snow or something, and we'd rush to make snow ice cream, or have a snow ball fight. I remember for some reason my brothers particularly liking to bury me in the snow. Fun for them I guess. :-)

So, when I first moved to New York, the snow was amazing to me! And it was the year of one of the worst blizzard's ever! I was woefully unprepared I recall, and my friend that I knew there presented me with snow books and gloves for the winter, and pointed forthwith to the Burlington Coat Factory.

I have never hated the snow like some New Yorkers. When it starts to snow and the city calms down and everything is beautifully quiet I love it. The layer of snow makes even a dented trash can look gorgeous!

And when it starts to turn to black tar, and the gutters become rivers we must traverse, I usually take it all in stride. It's the price we pay for the magic.

So, while I'm here in CR, I was sent some pics of what my house looks like covered in white.

Hum.. some snow ice cream sure would be good!


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