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Monday, January 18, 2010

Mid-Ohio Charity Auction on E-Bay! NOW!!!

On E-Bay right now: the Mid-Ohio-Con charity auction is up and running and our friend James Henry, one of the organizers of the show, has just send me some images and links to the auction, which includes an awesome Batman sketch that Steve Scott did for the convention on their Main Stage.

The auction also features copies of the Texeira's "Babes & Brawn" sketch book, Golden’s "Heroes & Villains sketchbook," and the Creator Chronicles DVDs that I co-produced on Joe Jusko and Bill Sienkiewicz, so take a look. You'll also find some great pieces by some of our friends such as Chris Sprouse, Billy Tucci, Fred Hembeck, Jay Fife, Todd Nauck and many more, representing the awesome line-up at last years show!

You can check out a page with all the eBay listings here: http://bit.ly/5lewdW

Happy Bidding! All proceeds benefit the Hero Initiative, an organization that helps ailing comic book creators in need.


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