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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

BATGIRL Batusis her way into your heart! KAREN WHITFIELD Available for 2021 Bookings!

Batgirl, KAREN WHITFIELD, is now being offered by Eva Ink Artist Group/Pros & Cons Celebity Booking for 2021/2022 dates. Traveling the world with Adam West and Burt Ward, Karen portrayed the Bronze Age Batgirl from 1978-1984, bringing a bit of fun and mischief to the stage events of the Dynamic Duo-- in fact, it was a pretty amazing Dynamic TRIO. "You wouldn't believe how during the stage shows, the little girl's eyes would light up when a girl came on stage," related Karen. "It was important to them. And it was important to me." Now Karen is telling her never before told story in her new book, "Batdriven West"-- The fascinating tale of Karen Whitfield when she met Burt Ward in 1977 and traveled as the Detective Comics Batgirl with Burt, Adam West, and the Caped Crusaders, working with DC Comics on her persona and more.
In her book, at her table, and on stage for special behind the scenes panels, she tells her story of what it was like to get to know Batman and Robin in and out of their Superhero identities, and about the fairy tale life of being Batgirl. So, add a little Girl Power--Straight out of the pages of Detective Comics--right onto your show floor! For more information on booking Karen Whitfield for your show, contact Renee at: evaink@aol.com

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