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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

SPOTLIGHT--HAMID THOMPSON--Raptor "Blue" from "Jurassic World"-- Available for Booking!

Hamid Thompson as "Blue," with actor Chris Pratt.

When "Jurassic World" opened in 2015, it wasn't long before the much anticipated movie broke not only ONE, but TWO box offices records!

The film immediately shattered the domestic box office debut gross, and over it's first short weekend, "Jurassic World" somehow managed to bring in a record breaking $108.8 million, according to Forbes, which placed it then as the best all-time debut globally, ahead of "The Avengers" and "Avengers: Age of Ultron."

Just what made this astonishing record happen?

Dinosaurs! We love 'em. Always have. Always will. And "Jurassic World" delivered in herds.

Hamid Thompson as Blue in the foreground.

Some of the most interesting dino characters in the film were undeniably the group of raptors who moved the plot along.  Raised by humans, and seemingly making bonds with those humans, the raptors in the movie challenged our previous visits with the species-- encounters that had fueled many a kids nightmares up until now (and a few adults as well)!

What makes this movie magic and helps us connect with these conjured up beings is that they aren't conjured out of thin air at all!  There are actors playing them all!

And that goes doubly for the main raptor, BLUE (the favorite of Chris Pratt's Owen), as performed by the talented actor/dancer/stuntman Hamid Thompson!

Actor Hamid Thompson

Originally from Ann Arbor Michigan, Hamid Thompson IS Blue in the movie, all the interactions with the main actors, and the creature that drove much of the story, was motion captured with Hamid acting the part! 

In case you haven't seen Golem in "Lord of the Rings," or Hamid's performance in "Jurassic World," Motion-Capture Acting (or MoCap), is a type of acting in which an actor wears markers or sensors on a skintight bodysuit or directly on the skin. Several cameras from different angles record the actor's movements.

A few images of Motion Capture work.

It can be difficult work, but the finished product helps us suspend disbelief!

"It's really incredible to have this representation of the raptors in front of us that react to things that we do, the movements etc," related one of the human actors on set. "You're not acting to nothing, you have these professionals playing Velociraptors in front of you...and they move around exactly like the raptors in the film"

Hamid Thompson's other credits include "Jack Reacher: Never Go Back" (2016), "Kenau" (2016) and "Chi-Rag" (2015), among others.

Hamid Thompson

Now is the time to pull the trigger with this new opportunity to book Hamid Thompson into your convention or event and hear about his world.  New to any conventions, anywhere, not only will Hamid be available for signings and photo ops, but he can also do workshops and even panels about working on one of the biggest movies of recent times, "Jurassic World!"

For more information, contact Renee at Pros & Cons Celebrity Booking at: evaink@aol.com

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