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Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Yolks on You! The art of decorating Easter Eggs!

One of my fondly remembered Easter traditions was decorating my basket of Easter eggs. Granted, we were usually limited to food coloring, crayons, and stickers. Later they made those little plastic sleeves that shrink to fit the egg, but those always seemed like cheating to me.

I really loved making my dozen or so eggs to then take to my Grandmother's and hide in her yard. Some years we had nearly 85 of those brightly colored orbs, and a half dozen or more kids to look for them. And my poor Maw Maw would invariably find rotting eggs in her yard when she planted her flowers in the Spring. Hey, we tried to find them all.

Now, when given the chance, I still get a thrill decorating eggs for the occasion, and mostly for my own amusement.

So, I love this article on Huffington Post and these really creative eggs. Take a peek. The art is alive and well.

Full Post Here, and below, the ones that I found the most fun! :-)


Coloring and decorating eggs has long been an Easter tradition symbolizing new life and rebirth, but let's be honest: just dipping eggs in pink food coloring is a little boring. Thankfully though, some people have gotten WAY more creative with their egg-decorating designs -- whether they're for a holiday or not.

We found 21 super original and awesome Easter eggs (full of pop culture references) from people who really went above and beyond. Check them out below:

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