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Friday, September 24, 2010

"Joe Jusko: Savage Beauty"--Set to Hit Stores! Order your Copy Now!

Hi Ya'll-- Our newest sketchbook, "Joe Jusko: Savage Beauty." is due to arrive any day now! BUT, if you didn't order a copy with your local retailer yet, it's not too late! Now is the time! Give your friendly local comic book shop a shout and tell 'em you want one!

The sketchbook comes in two versions: Signed and Sketch Edition, and is limited to 1,000 copies.

Here are the details!

Joe JuskoIntroduction by: Tim BradstreetBio Notes: Renee Witterstaetter

Signed Artbook: $39.99ISBN: 978-1-61539-966-6

Deluxe Original Sketch Edition: $125ISBN: 978-1-61539-967-3

Hardcover, limited edition. Full color. 48 pages!

And look at this Dynamite cover (Okay, that's a little pun, since the awesome Nick Barrucci and the former Vampy wrangler's at Harris, gave the permission to use this voluptuous vixen)!

If you have any questions on ordering the book, don't hesitate to contact me at: evaink@aol.com

If you don't have a retailer near you, you can also order the book directly from us!


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