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Friday, January 15, 2016

SPOTLIGHT: ROBERT TREBOR-- Actor/Writer-- "Xena," "Hercules," -- Available for Booking!

Robert Trebor on "Xena" set.

Renowned and versatile actor, Robert Trebor is known worldwide for his endearing role as traveling salesman, Salmoneus on both the “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys” and “Xena: Warrior Princess” television series. 

His most recent part is a pivotal role in the  Coen Brother's movie "Hail, Caesar!", opposite actor Josh Brolin.

He is equally as well know for his parts in feature films such as “Purple Rose of Cairo,” “52 Pick Up," directed by John Frankenheimer,  "Universal Soldier," "Talk Radio," “Making Mr. Right,” “The Shadow,” “My Demon Lover,” “Jiminy Glick in Lalawood,” (among MUCH more).

Opposite Martin Sheen in "Out of the Darkness."

One of his most mesmerizing roles undoubtedly is as  Son of Sam killer David Berkowitz in “Out of the Darkness,”  opposite Martin Sheen-- a haunting portrayal that still resonates today, as he delves into the mind of a madman.

On the lighter side: On television, in addition to “Herucles” and “Xena,” Mr. Trebor  has appeared on the small screen in “Miami Vice,” “Murphy Brown,” “Empty Nest,” “Young Indiana Jones Chronicles,” “Baywatch,” “Wedding Daze,” “Missing Persons,” and Boomtown,” among much more!

A writer, some of Mr. Trebor's credits include stories for the "Xena" comic book for Topps Comics, as well as "Dear Salmoneus: A Guide to Love and Money," from Eva Ink Publishing / Image Publishing, in addition to an upcoming autobiography about his adventures in acting.

Book by Robert Trebor.
Program Notes:  Actor and comedian, Robert Trebor is available for shows in 2016 to fit around his various filming schedules.  He is open to group panels or solo panels. We can also discuss acting classes or critiques, available to a limited number of shows. 

If you are interested in interviewing Mr. Trebor or booking him for your convention/event, please contact:
Eva Ink Artist Group
"Pros & Cons" Division 

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