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Monday, December 28, 2015

Happy Birthday to Stan Lee, the One and Only! -- And: Stan (and Me) Through the Decades!

I don't know how he does it, but then, Stan has accomplished so much!  But this one has always amazed me. How does he stay so... well... so STAN!

During the course of my association in this industry, from the days at the Dallas Fantasy Faire as the Co-Chair when I was young and green, to being an assistant editor at DC (still young and green),  to editor at Marvel (just green), and now to being publisher and artists agent (whatever is not green), it just worked out that at least once a decade or so--sometimes more--I've had the fun of having my photo taken with Stan Lee (with varying degrees of success mind you). 

Here is a choice selection. You'll see what I mean.  :-)

During the Dallas days. My first pic with Stan.

Marvel Christmas party.
Marvel Christmas party 2. 

Harvey Awards a few years ago. Also with Michael Golden.

Recently in Charlotte. Here with Michael Golden and Mike Zeck too!

What always tickled we was that with each passing event,  how Stan never really changed that much. But hair, weight, and other statistics were always in flux when it came to me! (I particularly like the first photo where I'm sporting that cool Mullet.)

I almost want to stamp "Presented by Stan Lee" on the back of each one. It's an unequivicable seal of approval you know?! 

It's a reminder to  me what a constant Stan has been in my life/career now for some time. Even before I edited a single story,  why, I knew the name--In fact from the first time I stole one of my brother's "Spider-man" comics when I was six or so! 

I guess that's why to this day, whenever I do see Stan, it still makes me giddy with delight.

My photographic record aside, in truth, believer, Stan deserves all the accolades coming his way today on his 93rd Birthday. Since his days at Marvel to the present, Stan has been a champion of so much I love about comics, helping propel our industry to new levels. 

If anyone has a legacy it's him. And in return, we love him.

So, here's to you Stan, and Happy Birthday!  You're the Man!