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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Nothing Says It Like a Parody! --Huffor, Ramos, Triano come to bat

I love a good parody! I guess that's why I had such fun when I was the editor of "What The?!" at Marvel Comics for all those years. Sadly, we never were able to tackle any political issues very much or anything too controversial for that matter. But hey, we had a blast.

Other sources are not hobbled in that way. Be sure to check out www.The-Gutters.com, as they explore issues in our industry, including the Digital revolution, storylines and even points when comics overlap politics.

Below are a few choice pieces arranged via Eva Ink Artist Group (www.evainkartistgroup.com), featuring some of our talented guys.

Here we feature pencils and inks by artists: Matt Triano, Wes Huffor and Rodney Ramos.

Gosh, they make me wish I was still editing a humor anthology! Good job guys.

And, I believe, if you want to order prints of any of these pieces, they can be found on their website as well.


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