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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Michael Golden Sketchbook NOW Available!

New York-- Finally, the long-awaited and much anticipated, second in a series sketchbook, from artist/creator Michael Golden is NOW available! "Michael Golden: MORE Heroes &Villains," is in the house!

Now for some bad news....somehow 420 of this already limited volume have disappeared somewhere between the printer in Hong Kong and our warehouse in Connecticut, making this volume sadly even MORE rare. We may try to get them reprinted, but who knows if that's gonna happen. Good news is that we do have SOME!

A follow up to the popular "Heroes & Villains," sketchbook of last year, this new volume is a must have for collectors of Golden's awesome storytelling and spot on illustration. Co-creator of Rogue from the X-Men, Bucky O'Hare, Spartan X, and illustrator on "Dr. Strange," "The 'Nam," "G.I. Joe," "Avengers," "Marvel Fanfare," and much, much more, none of Michael's art in this new book appears in any other art book or sketchbook on the market!

MORE good news for you fortunate few: The printer-broker's non-delivery of product means that if you do snag one of these books, it will be even more collectible. So, with only 580 books to go around (160 already gone to Diamond), be sure to get your order in now, or catch us at a show within the first part of the year.

The cover price of the book is $40. signed; $150 for the sketch edition. The volume itself is album sized, full color, and 48 pages in length, and features many of Golden's sketches from the 2009 season and some old favorites as well. Get your own copy of "MORE Heroes & Villains," while supplies last!


For more information, contact: evaink@aol.com

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