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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Golden and Scott Pin the Tale on the Dragon!--Two Art Classes/Two Exclusive Prints at DragonCon this Weekend.

Hi Ya'll--

Hope to see some of you at Dragon Con this weekend.

Two of my guys will be giving art classes. Golden's classes have been packed everywhere--and I'll have some exciting announcements about his curriculum next year! Steve recently did his seminar at schools in the Netherlands as well. This will be the first for both of these guys to conduct their classes in Atlanta.

I'll be at the show too, signing books and such. Then I'm off to Spain and China! :-)

More soon!


Atlanta--Artists Michael Golden and Steve Scott will be spinning Tales towards the tail-end of Dragon Con, wrapping up what is proving to be a fantastic fantasy filled schedule at the paramount Southern show this weekend, September 4-7th.

Co-creator of X-men's Rogue character, Bucky O'Hare and Spartan X, artist Michael Golden is known for his stellar storytelling in sequential art, influencing countless other craftsmen to pick up the pencil. Some of his enduring works include stories for G.I. Joe, Avengers, Doctor Strange, Batman, and much, much more. You can currently see Michael's work on Spiderman covers at Marvel, as well as in the plethora of publications out on the artist including "Excess: The Art of Michael Golden" --the bestselling art book from Vanguard Productions, "Modern Masters: Michael Golden"--from TwoMorrows Publishing, and the "Creator Chronicles: Michael Golden"--DVD and tutorial from Eva Ink and Woodcrest Productions.

The artist has conducted his "Storytelling with Michael Golden" class in places as diverse as Spain, France, The Netherlands, Canada, and in a few short weeks, China will be added to the list! He's pleased to offer a one-hour "essentials class" at this year's Dragon Con on Sunday afternoon of the show--his first in the Atlanta area for this curriculum. Check the Artist's Alley schedule and Comic's Track for details.

Current X-Men Forever artist Steve Scott, is known for his stunning work on "Razor," "Indiana Jones," "JLA," "Batman Dark Knight," and much more. In fact, he is the only artist tapped by DC Comics to do any artwork related to the movie and the only artist to officially render Heath Ledger in his now famous Joker turn. In addition, Steve is known for his dynamic story work and production art for the hit television show "Smallville," as well!

A local to Atlanta, Steve will also be on hand Sunday to conduct his class, "Elements of Drawing a Dynamic Figure," in the afternoon. Here's a great chance to learn positioning of figures and discuss the sign-language conveyance via art, which is unique to our medium.

Both artists will also be offering limited prints for the show, featuring the Dragon Con logo, signed by the artists, and available only at their tables in Artist's Alley while supplies last.

Other talents joining the guys at the convention include: Leo Liebelman (also with Eva Ink Artist Group), Bob Burden, Tommy Castillo, Lou Ferrigno, Francesco Francavilla, Stephanie Gladden, Cully Hamner, Richard Hatch, Eva Hopkins, Joseph Michael Linsner, Georges Jeanty, Renee Witterstaetter, Paul Jenkins, Nathan Massengill, Peter Mayhew, Malcolm McDowell, Mike Mignola, Leonard Nimoy, George Perez, William Shatner, Brian Stelfreeze, Patrick Stewart, William Stout--and do we DARE say it--many, MANY more! In fact, it's one of the best guest line-ups we've seen any time, any where!

Some come on by and help us "Pin the Tales on the Dragon," and we're sure you'll make a few new tales of your own to tell when you get back home! For more information on the show, visit: www.dragoncon.org

For more information on Steve Scott, Michael Golden and Leo Liebelman, contact:

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