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Thursday, February 9, 2012

"Michael Golden: Alchemy"-- New Sketchbook in the Works!

Hi Everyone-- Here's an early preview of the new Michael Golden sketchbook, "Michael Golden: Alchemy."

This will be a 36 page softcover book, which will debut at the San Diego Comic Con. However, it will also be available in the next issue of Diamond Previews. If you are a shop owner, order it now. If you buy your books at a certain shop, let them know you want your own copy.

It is available in Signed/Numbered and Sketch Editions.

ISBN Numbers:

Signed/Numbered Edition:


Sketch Edition:


And, best of all, there is no duplication of artwork from any other Michael Golden volume, so you can own them all!

Get your copy now!



  1. Hey, Renee.

    I tried to have my LCS order this for me, but neither ISN number worked. I have Mr. Golden's other two sketch books, and I'd love to get my hands on this one.

    I would love you assistance.


    1. Hi Chip-- That's strange. It's in the Diamond catalogue right now. You can also order it via: evaink@aol.com