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Saturday, April 6, 2019

A Very Singular Day

Yesterday was my birthday.

It is the second one without the familiar call and the familiar voice, relating to me the circumstances of my birth. 

After many years of practice though, I know it by heart, and can relate it to you thus:

Mom was at my Aunt Aba’s house. On a Sunday. After church. During lunch, her water broke, so they finished eating (priorities) and then took her to the hospital. But much as I am still, I didn’t arrive until the evening…and as a result, I never have been a morning person. 

I don’t think I was a particularly painful birth. I’m sure I caused her pain later… And if so , it causes me much regret. But IF so, she hardly commented on it. 

Mom was love that way. 

So here I am… no phone call… and left to my own devices, here is what I did:

I slept late until 9:30. 

I stayed in my pajamas all day. 

I proceeded to place all the paintings that had been sitting in the corner for the last year in proper and pleasing places, and then found I had no idea where the hammer was. 

I went online and looked at houses totally out of my price range and which I don’t intend on buying, but it was fun to look. 

I googled an old friend out of curiosity to see if he is still alive. He is.

I worked a little, but not much.

I ran on the treadmill for 2 miles, did sit ups, leg curls, and weights. At one point I tried to do chin ups like Linda Hamilton preparing for Apocolypco. It did not go well. 

I smelled the roses. (Thank you to who sent them.)

I bought a Mary Poppins tea pot that was on clearance. And then remembered I don’t have any British friends in LA any more and certainly no PG TIPS. And I hardly ever drink tea. 

I ate dark chocolate. 

For lunch I had a mishmosh of eggs, salsa (Pace of course), jalapeƱos, and cherry tomatoes. And not the norm, I had a very fattening toasted egg bagel with cream cheese. 

I drank coffee. A lot. It’s an antioxidant so I don’t’ feel bad about it. Don’t judge me. 

I polished the furniture in my LA apartment and swept the hardwood floors. At one point I recreated a scene from “Risky Business,” but we won’t go into that. 

I sang a song. Out loud. Not just in my head. I’m sure people could probably hear. 

I didn’t care. 

(I admit I may have sang two.)

I tried to assemble some electronic candles covered in silver glitter. Now I am as well. 

I drank a glass of red wine. Also an antioxidant. Don't judge me. 

I missed my Mom. 

I enjoyed this singular day of doing “nothing.” A rare occurrence, and a chance to reflect on gratefulness:

For every hour and every second so far…

Thanks to everyone that stopped by to say “hello.” It meant alot. 

And in the end, I sat on the balcony and watched a sunset that looked like a Phoenix rising from the ashes. 

I feel that way every year. 

WHAT an adventure.


Thursday, March 7, 2019

Michael Golden Greatness-- In a Flash!-- "Flash #65"

Hey Ya'll--

Check out this great Michael Golden variant cover from DC Comics. On "Flash #65."

Michael has at least 3 other variants in the que right now, with more to come. Let your comic shops and DC  know that you love it!

Also a big fan of the minimal trade dress. You'll see what I mean when you find yours! 



Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Arthur Suydam and Vancouver , "Bring out the Dead" for Expo weekend!

Arthur Suydam with a few fans that were dying to see him  in Vancouver.

Vancouver, CA-- Award  winning  cover artist  for "Black Panther ,"  "Deadpool,"  "Marvel Zombies ," "The  Walking Dead ," and much more--  Arthur Suydam made his FIRST appearance  in  Vancouver,  this past weekend! 

And if crowds and cosplay are any indication (which they are!), the "dead" were alive and well in Canada over this jam-packed weekend!

Arthur is of course one of the catalysts for the Zombie craze that has hit the world these past 10 years, with his work on the ground-breaking "Marvel Zombies," and many cosplayers at the weekend event paid tribute to not only that, but also his work on the Army of Darkness books and the crossovers with macabre icons Jason, Freddy and Leatherface as well! 

A Who'sWho of horror greets the Zombie King.

It was like a "Who's Who" of horror all weekend long!

And why not?!

Well-known for his “Black Panther” covers, Arthur’s work has graced the frontage of scores of pop-culture heavy hitters,  with everything from "Walking Dead," to “Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth,” to “Batman Vs. Predator,” to the ever popular and ground-breaking “Marvel Zombies.” And More. 

Here are just a few of Suydam's credits! 

Winner of:

*The Spike TV award for “Best Cover Artist”
*The Spectrum Gold Medal for “Best Cover”

*The Lifetime Achievement Award from the San Sebastian   Film Festival
*The Lifetime Achievement Award from the  University of Maryland Eastern Shore 

As an added BONUS:

To celebrate and promote any shows during the 2019 season, Arthur is extending his popular “Free Sketches for Kids on Sunday” for any events this year. 

So, get ready Zombies, he may be coming to your town!

"Bring out yer' dead!" and see us there!

Zombies pick up some new reading material.

For more information on booking Arthur Suydam, contact Renee at: evaink@aol.com

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

A Love Story

Mom and Dad on their wedding day.

A Love Story:

Because two people loved each other:

40 years

3 children
8 Grandkids (none of them mine. LOL)
15 Great Grandkids 

All because Raymond saw a shy girl named Erma at East Texas Motor Freight and walked to a pay phone every day to call her at night, spent some of the little money he had to buy flowers for her every Sunday, accompanied by a little note to tell her how much he loved her. 

All because Mom said “Yes.”

For me personally, this had great benefits:

Our Family.

I was born, first of all. A good way to start. 

This was followed by the facts that:

I had a roof over my head.
I was never hungry one day in my life.
I was warm.
I had a dog.
I had a cat.
I had multiple turtles. My favorite named Pistol Pete.
I had a tricycle that I jumped on when I was 5 and told my Dad that was running away to California. He chased me to the corner. (It would be 30 years before I made good on the promise. Long after Dad was gone…)
I was given an education.
I learned to read and to write and to love movies
I was given the tools to pursue a career that I enjoy.
I was loved… by a mother and a father who would sacrifice anything for us.

I honestly never grew up. And I don’t think I really did until Mom died on this day, February 13, 2018, at 10:40 AM . 

And even now maybe I’m not too grown up. Because I sure miss having Mom around to tell her my tales and have an audience to delight in my adventures… my biggest fan. 

I owe her and Dad everything. 

They were what Love is all about.

I will always recall every Valentine’s Day, Mom would act like she wasn’t expecting it, but she’d be looking out the kitchen window waiting for Dad to come home, and without fail he would pop in, that mischievous smile on his face, and give her the biggest box of candy I’d ever seen. And she would almost cry. 

She didn’t need much, my Mom. But she so appreciated being remembered. 

And so I am. 

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and all those that you love and who love you. 

Embrace it. And…Fly

It’s only the beginning.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Award-winning "Black Panther" Cover Artist available for 2019 Bookings!

Arthur Suydam: The Zombie King

For Immediate Release:

Award winning “Black Panther” cover artist, Arthur Suydam available for 2019 Bookings

If you are looking to tie into the Oscar Buzz, and put together a “Black Panther” contingent for your show this year,  we have some availability left to book our own award-winning artist Arthur Suydam for your event!

Well-known for his “Black Panther” covers, Arthur’s work has graced the frontage of scores of pop-culture heavy hitters,  with everything from Walking Dead, to “Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth,” to “Batman Vs. Predator,” to the ever popular and ground-breaking “Marvel Zombies.” And More. 

Here are just a few of Suydam's credits! 

Winner of:

*The Spike TV award for “Best Cover Artist”
*The Spectrum Gold Medal for “Best Cover”
*The Lifetime Achievement Award from the San Sebastian   Film Festival
*The Lifetime Achievement Award from the  University of Maryland Eastern Shore 

As an added BONUS:

To celebrate and promote any shows during the 2019 season, Arthur is extending his popular “Free Sketches for Kids on Sunday” for any events this year. 

Suydam is open as always to being part of your press and promotional pushes as well.

So add some award's gold to your own red carpet this year, as we celebrate a groundbreaking 2019!

For more information, contact Renee at: evaink@aol.com

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Where Christmas Lived

"The tree" decorated for this year. 

Most of my family won't be here. But the little crew that will be are most welcome... 

I have spent every Christmas of my life here. I didn't feel this was the year to change that... 

It's sad without Mom... sure... how could it not be. 

But atop the tree is the angel that has been there since the early 90's, and the last Christmas with my Dad. I still remember my Grandmother laughing and asking why it was red, and me responding, "Well, why not. Maybe she was a fallen angel." She laughed like I'd never seen her laugh before. 

I can still hear Maw Maw. 

Everyone loved to tease Mom every year about her tree, saying her tree was ugly. She'd staunchly support: "It's NOT ugly! There's nothing wrong with that tree!" 

I can hear Mom too

It became, over the course of time, an "old tree." Out of fashion as it were. You still have to string on the lights... none of those fancy fiber optics on the ends. The branches don't fold up. You put them into holes based on a color coded system which nobody remembers the code for, and the color tabs on the branches are faded beyond identification anyway. So some years, some branches may not be where they are supposed to be. But hey, whatever... 

I don't think it's an ugly tree at all... I think they just liked to tease her... to get her reaction. 

Afterall, she still had ornaments on there that were made by us from decades ago: The popsicle/yarn cross that either Robbie or Ray made in Boy Scouts... the stained glass ones I made when I was eight, a craft paper snowman made by one of us. She saved everything...Each was a memory and had a story to her. 

How could her tree be anything but beautiful...

And then there was the silver wrapping paper. 

Mom was the personnel manager at Sears. When they closed down their gift wrap section (remember when stores would wrap your gifts?), she brought home what seemed like thousands of miles of this silver wrapping paper with a winter scene etched in black... For 20 years or more that was probably the only paper you'd see under that tree. 

It was actually a shock to all of us when it ran out, and there was something other than a metallic hue under the branches.  Like it should have been foretold by Nostradamus or been on the Mayan Calendar, it was SO momentous.

Those are the things I remember when I look at my Mom's conifer... and it makes me smile... I might not think of those things if I wasn't here now sitting in her chair looking at our wonderfully "ugly" tree. 

This is were Christmas always lived.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Stan Lee-- World's Most Influential Creator?

Stan Lee MAY be the most prolific and influential creator (certainly promoter) of our time?! I was just thinking about this on my flight to France today…. and I believe it’s true…

Hear me out. 

No matter where I go in the world, be it a small town in India, a mountain top in Nepal, a gathering of wooden shacks on the Amazon River… I see them… kids wearing Captain America t-shirts, kids wearing Spider-man t-shrits, Iron Man t-shirts, X-Men. Adults wearing them too…

Think about it. Who has created a world more famous than the one Stan spearheaded? 

Stephen King (or insert another contemporary writer) is a great writer, but I don’t see alot of Stephen King t-shirts in the Amazon. Madonna ( or any number of the contemporary singers), sure you may see something every now and then, but not with the outright regularity of Marvel Super -Heroes.
I can argue that I see Beatles references and Michael Jackson references often world-wide, but again, not the variety of images, or the number of unique people/characters that Marvel boasts. 

What Stan wrote, along with the art and creativity of Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko et al, and what he then presented to the world, in his undeniable infectious way, was a perfect storm. 

The question is: WHY? 

I think firstly it was that lightening in a bottle mix. Stan had the perfect gifts and gathered the perfect talents at the right time to create worlds that we could relate to, dive into,…LOVE. The characters had empathy and vulnerability.. . Something lacking in many books of the time. 

They were “super” yes, but also, they were “human.”

And then, their popularity not only spread across the US, but those same ideals resonated in some way with folks world wide. The idea of justice. The idea of people being essentially good. The idea of… a Hero... 

I truly believe in some way, despite differences in religion and politics and cultures, especially now through the movies and their wide spread appeal, these works have… I won’t say homogenized the world, because I think that’s a bad thing… but perhaps they have united many people in, I daresay, almost all parts of the world, on some level… just below the skin… giving us a a touchstone no matter where we are from…

Maybe the appeal is as simple as the idea of somehow the future being good, and some people-- our characters or group of characters--caring enough to protect what’s good about it, and about us as a species. 

There’s an optimism in that. 

The ONLY person I can think of that rivals what Stan and his team accomplished was Walt Disney!
And actually I think they were selling the same thing. 

I don’t know if Stan knew it at the time… I’m sure he did, but he was one of the world’s greatest showman. And the product he was peddling , selling as it were, to an eager public was … an endorphin rush of excitement, with a big chaser of hope.

-- Renee