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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Eating Manhattan: Goes on the Road to the "Louisiana Bistro."

While in New Orleans for the Wizard show this year, one would be remiss to not enjoy one of the things NOLA is most known for-- Fantastic Food!

One of the fans at the show in fact, told us about Louisiana Bistro. And when he explained the "Feed Me" option on the menu, we couldn't say no.

Basically you go in,and tell the chef it's up to him, and he surprises you with either a 3 course, 4 course or 5 course meal, depending on what you'd like to pay.

Located at 337 Dauphine Street, this restaurant is rated #1 in the French Quarter-- and that's a hard act to follow ya'll. It can only be described as intimate. Maybe 8 tables in all. And the excellent food usually requires one to have reservations. The fare is best categorized as contemporary creole.

As per the website: "An innovative yet classic menu evolves nightly, incorporating traditional delights such as duck, crab, shrimp, chicken and pork in creative and unique recipes. The eclectic menu explores new dimensions of the creole palate, culminating with Chef Mars’ Feed Me® - a must try! The a’ la minute freestyle tasting features fresh Louisiana meats, fantastic local seafood, seasonal fruits and vegetables. It gives Chef the opportunity to showcase his latest ideas and innovations! He even stops by your table to present his creations."

True to their word, he did too.

Joining me were my ever die hard food friends Michael Golden, Constance Katsafanas and her wonderful Mom. We all opted for the "Feed Me," and Chef Mars surprised us with Crayfish Beignets (delicate and tasty), Barbecue Pork rib (robust flavor, not nearly big enough), and a local fish in a marvelous sauce infused with truffles (not my favorite, but something interesting and new). Although the portions are small on the Feed Me option, the adventure is worth it, and don't worry, you don't walk away hungry. You can follow this with desert. We picked bread pudding and cream cheese ice cream. The Cream Cheese Ice Cream surpassed, and it's worth going to LB just for this!

If I have one down side thing to say about the Louisiana Bistro in fact, it was the bill at the end of the evening. We were going to order wine by the glass. Instead, the waiter suggested we buy a bottle because it worked out to be "less per glass."

In our glee to get started and see what the Chef was going to pull out of his culinary hat, however, we didn't check. My fault, and the bottle was no where near the price given. In other words, learn from my mistake and make sure what you are ordering. And when the bill arrived, we were too stunned to say anything!

We should have. It's the only thing that sticks in my craw"fish." :-/

All in all, a worthwhile night with good friends though, so it's hard to have regrets.

C'est la vie.

So,in short, if you find yourself in the Big Easy, looking for something a little different, I can recommend The Louisiana Bistro, and I do suggest getting the "Feed Me" and trying something new. Three courses ran up around $59. per person before wine. Five courses is more of course. And the website says "prices are seasonal."

For more information on Louisiana Bistro, and Chef Mars himself, go to: http://louisianabistro.net/chef_mars.htm

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