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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Review: "Kerry and the Scary Things" New Children's Book

Everyone is afraid of something. As a matter of fact, the business of phobias has kept uncountable psychologists, analysts, and pharmacies busy for nearly a century.

“Kerry and the Scary Things” is not about phobias, but rather a deep fascination with all things monsters. Frankenstein, the mummy, werewolf, vampires, and the cyclops are the ‘hit’ list of young Kerry and his companion book, Dr McNamee’s Monster Guide.

You see, there are very precise methods to fight such beings. It really is true, even monsters who inspire phobias themselves have phobias.

Alas, young Kerry is NOT afraid of such things, and when he meets Dr McNamee, he is drawn into Monstercity and lives the life of Kerry, Monster Hunter!

Renee Witterstaetter and Keith Wilson give readers a delightful book that will hit monster fans right in the face. Everyone loves a mummy, and everyone loves the wolfman. And vampires, the ‘tame’ version, #1 on my list.

An interesting aside is that Kerry, in the book, is named after artist Kerry Gammil, monster lover, and now a monster publisher himself, and in this book, his namesake, truly is brave above reason!

Well done Renee and company. Great book.



--Tim Lasiuta

(By Renee Witterstaetter. Art by Keith Wilson. Cover by Michael Golden. 48 pages)


  1. Being a lifelong lover of all things monster, I have to read this.

  2. Definitely want to get this! And I love that you named your character after one of my favorite artists! I think my two little ones will enjoy this, especially my youngest, who has a slight fear of monsters and scary things.

  3. You can order the book from me, if you like Mike. Just write to us at: evaink@aol.com
    It also had book store distro, but not sure how easy it is to find. --R.