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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Limited Edition "Shi" Print Supports Breast Cancer Research!

Hi Everyone-- As some of you who know me personally may be aware, I have had people in my life who have dealt with, battled, and survived Breast Cancer. But the battle is a hard one...the war never guaranteed.

This is a cause close to me.

One of my dear friends, artist Billy Tucci, who also is familiar with this disease, currently has a limited edition print of his creator-owned character "Shi," available on e-bay.

Sales of this beautiful piece go to support Breast Cancer research.

I bought one. How about you?

Not only does your purchase help with much needed research, but you also have a beautiful gift to keep for yourself or give to a friend.

What a meaningful way to start the month of July--helping find a way to give all suffering from this disease, a little "independence" and "freedom" from worry and care. And hope for a future without this specter.

Now that is something to celebrate.

Take a look at the auction here:


Happy Summer!


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