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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Marvel Bullpen Circa 1992!

My friend, and talented artist, Rick Parker, recently put this on his Facebook page, and boy did it bring back the memories of the old Marvel days and the great folks at the company at that time. Here, presented again for nostalgia purposes, a look back ala Rick Parker.

Ric drew this in '92 of co-workers at Marvel at 387 Park Avenue South after they redesigned the offices and moved people around. The multi-talented Eliot R. Brown drew the building.

In this drawing: Josh Myers, Ralph Macchio, David Wohl , John Romita, Sr., Tom DeFalco, Bob Harras, Mark Gruenwald, Pat Garrahy, Bob Budiansky, Lisa Patrick, Stan "The Man" Lee, Renee Witterstaetter, Terry Stewart, John N. Mailroom, Eliot R. Brown, Mike Z. Hobson, Hildy Mesnik, Steve Saffel , Don Hudson, Tom Breevort, Kevin Kobasic , Evan Skolnick , Whitey, Mort Todd and Michael Delefemine, Richard Ashford, Joey Cavalieri, Lisa Trusiani , Mike Rockwitz , Glenn Herdling , Paul Becton, Marie Javins , Ed Murr, Don Daley, Tim Touhy, Dawn Geiger, Marcus McLaurin , Steve Bunche , Darren Auck, Danny Fingeroth , Mike Lackey , Rob Tokar , Dan Cuddy, Chris Cooper, Nel Yomtov, Fabian Nicieza , Tom Daning , Rick Parker, Jack Abel, Hector Collazo, and Mark Powers

Have fun trying to find us all. LOL


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