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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Kansas City Here we Come! Planet ComiCon this Weekend!

Few places in the world are as associated with BBQ as my next destination, Kansas City, and although they put on one darn good comic book convention there, I have to say, that second (or maybe first) on my agenda, will be getting a rack of Dino ribs at Jack Stack while I'm there.

Run by the good folks at Planet ComiCon, Chris Jackson, Matt Driscoll and Sidne Ward, this show, aptly named "Planet ComiCon," also offers an opportunity to attend a good ol' fashioned comic book show, with a few media guests, but with attention paid extremely well to comic book creators to boot. A nice mix. They always boast a fantastic artist alley in fact. This year, myself, Michael Golden and Mark Texeira will be returning to KC for this 2 day event. Sketch books, and drawing pencils in tow.

So, Kansas City, here I come... I'm even traveling by train in my little sleeper car, which for some reason strikes me as nostalgic and puts Willie Guthrie tunes in my head.
While the song of the same name has me dancin' a little West Coast Swing on the way.

And as I look forward to new memories and seeing old friends, here are some images from Kansas City Planet ComiCon's past!


(In these Photos: Michael Golden, Renee Witterstaetter, Joe Jusko, Mark Texeira, Rodney Ramos.)

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