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Friday, May 20, 2011

The Earthy Dragon, Moi!

My friend Albert owns a fantastic Sushi restaurant in Manhattan called Ginger. They have the most unusual rolls anywhere. Things like Peanut Butter and Eel. Really it's fantastic!

I'll write a review of them sometime, but it will be one place where I'll be able to only find something good to say. Check it out.

Albert just did my Chinese birthday chart for me. I knew I was year of the Dragon, but here's what he says:

born on the April 05 10.30 pm

year of the Dragon

year----1 wood 1 earth

month-- 1 fire 1 wood

day---- 1 wood 1 metal

hour---- 1 wood 1 water

so you have 1 metal ,4 wood, 1 water, 1 fire & 1 earth

not many people have all 5 elements on their chart, normally always lacking of 1 or 2 elements out of the five, yours are really quite a rare case, according to the book, you're consider the dragon on earth, a born leader & you can handle any kind of business or jobs, lucky you

I like it. I'll keep it. :-)

Thanks, Albert!


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