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Friday, June 18, 2010

Eva Ink Euro Tour--May 2010--Thanks to all involved!

May 2010 brought with it another Eva Ink Artist Group Euro Tour! And to reprise the line-up of three years ago, I was happy to have two of my favorite guys, Michael Golden and Joe Jusko on board for the extravaganza once again. Linda, Joe's wonderful lady, came with us as well, and I'm SOOO glad she did. It was such a blast!

Stops this time included Paris, to visit Dynamo at his shop, The Netherlands and our friend Guido's place, Brussels with Hassan and his amazingly happy store, and finally an appearance with our friend Bart in Brussels as well.

Along the way, we met a ton of great fans, and ate way, way too much wonderful food. Thanks to everyone involved in this amazing tour, and we hope to see you again next year... I'm already working on the line-up!! As Guido says, I DO like to plan ahead! :-)

From top to bottom:Michael Golden in Paris; Linda and I at Hassan's store in Brussels. How did he know I LOVE yellow roses; Guido, being "direct." If you know someone from Holland, you know what I mean! :-); David Bourham, Michael Golden, Michael Derny, myself, Joe Jusko and Linda Kirsche in Paris; Dynamo and Michael Golden in Paris; Myself with pals Joe , Linda and Michael on the beautiful canal in Brugge.

Thanks again to all our friends in Europe for your hospitality and good company! I miss you all already and always look forward to our next adventure! :-)


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