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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Pokemon 20th Anniversay! Veronica Taylor-- Voice of Ash-- Available for Bookings!

Hey everyone, believe it or  not, Pokemon has turned 20! That's celebrating two decades that gamers of all ages have been collecting these little pocket mischief makers in the pursuit of being the best, and following the adventures of our lovable miniature monsters and Ash, on Saturday morning cartoons.

To celebrate, Nintendo is not only having all previous Pokemon games on hand in great supply, but they have announced the release of TWO new games in 2016: "Pokemon Sun" and "Pokemon Moon." Remastered games hit the stores on February 27th-- Pokemon's actual birthday! While the two new games will hit later in 2016, building up the excitement!

And that's only the beginning, Nintendo has announced that 2016 will be a year long celebration of the past, present and future of this enduring game and cartoon series, with more surprises in the works.

Veronica Taylor, the voice of Ash.

Voice over actress Veronica Taylor has been part of the Pokemon legacy for some time now-- as the voice of the main character Ash, as well as May, in the popular cartoon series.

Some of her other parts include: April on “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and roles in “Cubix”, “Dinosaur King”, “Yu-Gi-Oh!”, “Huntik”, “Tai Chi Chasers”, and more. She can be heard on PBS kids’ “Word World” (Sheep), “Lunch Lab” (Mixiebot), and “Chuck Vanderchuck’s ‘something something’ Explosion!” (Ramona).

Ash and Picacu!

Other projects include Sailor Pluto on “Sailor Moon”, “Mofy” (Mofy, Mogu, Sora), “Astroblast” (Sputnik), and “Welcome to the Wayne (Spy from 8-i).

Now is the perfect time to add Veronica to your convention celebrity list and help celebrate the YEAR of Pokemon! 

Programming Notes: Veronica loves to be at her booth to sign autographs for fans. Inquire as well for various programming opportunities.

If you are interested in interviewing Veronica or booking her for your convention/event, please contact:

Eva Ink Artist Group
Pros & Cons Celebrity Booking

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