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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Limited Edition Suydam Cover featured on "Infected by Art" Coffee Table Volume!

Suydam cover for the new deluxe coffee table book.

For Immediate Release

November 29, 2015

“Infected by Art” Deluxe Collector's Volume Features Limited Edition Arthur Suydam Cover!

New York, NY— “Infected by Art,” the new deluxe hard-cover coffee table book featuring the world’s finest  fantasy, horror and sci-fi illustrators, has just been released with a limited edition run of 500 copies, featuring the stunning cover work by  award  winning  artist / writer,  Zombie King, Arthur Suydam. 

Written by Todd Spoor and Aaron Raymond and on Bud Plant’s “highly recommended” list,  “Infected by Art” features over 300 images of work’s  in the categories of fantasy, horror illustration and science fiction broken down into five categories competing  for  prizes.  Winning artists  were selected  by a  panel-jury comprised of   four  all-star judges, this year including: Suydam, horror  legends Basil Gogos and Sanjulian, and sci-fi cover artist Ken Kelly .

The books dust jacket explains it all: “The art comprised within is simply the most imaginative thought-provoking and creative art on the market today.” Featuring artists from the United States, Canada, Europe, South America, etc. -- truly making this a world-wide collaboration of exceptional works.

Suydam was selected  to join the alumni of distinguished judges for this year’s installment of “Infected by Art,”   based on his groundbreaking  work  on Marvel Zombies and a sequence of zombie  themed titles over the last ten years which helped prompt a worldwide zombie  pop culture explosion,  extending to TV, film, gaming, merchandising (Note: Hot Topic), and making the word "zombie" truly a household word.  Listed in the book of  the "Top 100 Greatest Comic Artists of  all  Time ,”   Suydam and contemporaries, the likes of Richard Corben, are credited with revolutionizing comics in the  70s  and  80s themselves, by first introducing painted fine art techniques and a fresh, mature  storytelling  into U.S. mainstream comics, helping to open doors for the  writers and artists in the  years that followed. 

The most recent in a line of books on this celebrated artist has just been released as a deluxe coffee table volume, entitled "The Complete Cholly and Flytrap," from Titan Publishing, while previous books on Suydam include "The Art of Arthur Suydam," from Vanguard, and "The Art of the Barbarian" from Eva Ink / Heavy Metal, among others.

Suydam comes by his painting instincts naturally: Great Uncles on his father's side, James Suydam and Henry Suydam were both among the dozen artists who won  American  painters recognition on the world stage  for the  first  time  at  the outbreak of the  Civil  War,  circa 1861 and became  known as the Hudson River Painters --a collection of landscape  artists credited with reinventing the world of fine art at that time. In the  20s and  30s, E.H. Suydam became one  of America’s most  celebrated  architectural artists with artworks now hanging in the
White House, Museum of New York and the National Academy Museum  and  more.  It's a fair bet,  that Suydam’s mother, Juliette, a native of Montreal, herself an avid painter may have contributed  to instilling an appreciation of the arts into her three sons, as well.

Zombie King, Arthur Suydam’s own work graces both the front and back cover of 500 limited editions of “Infected by Art” and additionally is featured in a beautiful three page spread of  never before published, unedited,  master works, including the  complete  wrap around cover painting  for his much  celebrated  “The  Walking  Dead"  #1 " variant cover ,  all in the intro section of this culmination of today’s top illustrators .

Publisher: Authorhouse, 2013

Binding: Hardcover with dust jacket 

Dimensions: 9x11

Pages: 308pg

Color: Full Color

ISBN: #9781481760843

Back cover features a Suydam Album Cover.

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