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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dennis Calero and Rodney Ramos Appearing at Wizard Philly May 31st-June 3rd!

Philadephia-- Wizard World Philly started today, May 31st, ya'll, continuing all weekend. And as comic lovers converge on the city of brotherly love, creators from around the world  will be there enforce.

When William Penn put together two Greek words ("philos", meaning "love" and "delphos", meaning "brother"), he named the city of Philadelphia. Wanting to forge a new type of land founded on those ideals, since he himself had fled religious persecution from England. However, the name is not just random word play. Penn envisioned the city in Pennsylvania as one where people of all  backgrounds could come together in celebration.  Having survived it's own share of adversity, Philly is a proud city of cultural diversity and rich neighborhoods. A melting pot of music and the arts.

What an amazing place to host a show that offers so much variety in viewpoints, mediums and creativity all under one roof, itself! We are certainly happy to be a part of it, and this year, Eva Ink Artist Group is happy to announce the appearances of Dennis Calero and Rodney Ramos at this mainstay event!

Dennis Calero is the award winning and internationally recognized artist of "X-Men: Noir" and "Legion of Superheroes." He has also leant his talents to CCG Properties such as Magic and Legend of the Five Rings, as well as Dungeons & Dragons. His work includes "X-Men Noir : Mark of Cain," "X-Factor," "28 Days Later: The Aftermath," "Cowboys and Aliens," "Dark Tower," "Fallen Angel," "Hawkgirl," "Star Trek: The Next Generation," "Supergirl" and the "Legion of Superheroes," Magic The Gathering, Countdown to Final Crisis, "Wolverine: First Class "and "JSA Classified." During his tenure on "X-Factor" the title was nominated for the Harvey Award for Best New Series. Recent works include “Captain Victory,” “Witchblade,” and “Lone Ranger,” for Dynamite, Marvel Trading Cards, and a few new things to be announced very soon. Calero also co-founded Atomic Paintbrush, one of the first computer-coloring companies working in the comic-book field.

Rodney Ramos: Currently working for DC Comics. He has worked on many various titles including 52, Countdown, Batman ,JSA, Black Adam, the Award-Winning Transmetroplitan and many other titles to long to list here. He worked for Valiant/Acclaim comics, Marvel Comics UK, Marvel comics on Amazing Spider-Man, Toxin, X-Men, Nick Fury, Peter Parker, Iron Man and various others titles. In addition to working with Legendary Comics, Rodney's recent work can also be seen on his Marvel Trading Cards work.

Calero and Ramos will be at the Philadelphia Convention Center all days of the show in Artist Alley. Check the schedule for panel times or special events. Signings and sketches are available at their tables.

To find out more about these artists, to order sketches for future shows or book assignments or conventions, contact Renee at: evaink@aol.com

For more information on Wizard Philly, go to: www.wizardworld.com

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