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Friday, January 6, 2012

CBG Fan Awards-- Time to Vote!

Hi Everyone--

It's that time, when the Awards season starts kicking up, and while I'm always just happy to be asked, LOL, I do have some wonderful talent in my life that I feel are wonderfully deserving of an award.

Here's the Link, and it's quick and easy:


So, I encourage you all to vote and Consider the Following folks when you are thinking back on their work in 2011:

*"Nick Cardy: The Artist at War"-- Favorite Graphic Novel

*Michael Golden
-- Favorite Cover Artist (Spawn and more)

*Joe Jusko
and Mark Texeira-- Favorite painted covers

*Mark Texeira
and Steve Scott and Dennis Calero and Matt Triano and Michael Golden
-- Favorite Pencilers

*Michael Watkins-- Favorite Colorist

*Rodney Ramos-- Favorite Inker

*"Kerry and the Scary Things"-- Favorite Book for kids

*Eva Ink Artist Group-- Favorite Publisher (albeit small)

*Jim Salicrup-- Favorite Editor (Hey, he's at another company, but he's the best!)

*Todd Dezago -- Favorite Writer

Thanks all! And Happy Voting!


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