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Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy Fall!- Pumpkin Pickin' and Donatin'-- Here I come!

The chill is in the air, and we are entering my favorite time of year! Time to cull through the clothes, exchange the summer for the winter/fall, take the summer ones to storage, AND donate the clothes I cull to one of the deserving charities in the area.

I have my favorite thrift shops to donate to, in New York City. We have an abundance of them here, and you can image how much great stuff you find there, since everyone in NYC has about the same amount of storage space as I do. Something HAS to go!

My fav is located close to us on 10th Street and 2nd, run by a Catholic Church to aide their soup kitchen. Cancer Care is another great organization as is Housing Works. But if it's a little far for you to travel to my favorite stores from Ohio or something, you can never go wrong with Goodwill or the Salvation Army for your donating.

And keep in mind, there is nothing more Green than donating your items, AND you are helping people at the same time, AND clearing out space in your closet.

I'm one of those weird folks that actually likes doing my taxes each year.... I don't know why... looking at the receipts makes me remember my year in review and reminds me of the good/fun things we did all year long. A short term memory lane so to speak.

It's kinda the same when I go through the clothes to switch out the summer for the fall, etc. "Ah, I remember where we were dancing when I wore that dress," or "Oh yeah, we were in San Sabastian (or Aviles) when I took that picture wearing that one." In fact, there are a few dresses I'll probably just keep for nostalgia reasons, even if I never wear them again.

But for the others.... they'll find a second life.

As for me, after all the sorting is done, I'll happily settle into the crisp air and apple cider days of fall and street fairs and pumpkin pickin', and outrageous costumes during NYC Halloween! (Now! That's a sight if you've never seen it!)

Gotta love the Fall!


(Above: Here's a photo from the market in Aviles, Spain. I could not believe the size of the vegetables there! And as far as I know, Monsantos has not invaded that part of Europe yet, so I'm assuming they might also be natural. Wow. I don't think I'll pick up any pumpkins that size this year....maybe just a few NYC apt. sized ones, but the looking for them is half the fun!)

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